Cheat: Pics Quiz for Sonic Answers and Walkthrough

Probably every child who had a video game console Sega played the game Dream Interpretation and the more viewed this cartoon character. The puzzle you need to guess the name of the cartoon fairy-tale hero.

The toy allows you to test your knowledge in this area. You can get together with friends, and spend their leisure time fun. Developer Kosherlabs application interface made bright, colorful menu, quality graphics and easy operation. The screen picture (picture from the cartoon) and the letters of the English alphabet. Of course you have tips that will help in the passage. Coins you earn for the correct version of a small per-view video.

Pics Quiz for Sonic answers all level.

1 Amy Rose.

2. Bark the Polar Bear.

3. Bean The Dynamite.

4. Big the Cat.

5. Blaze The Cat.

6. Charmy Bee.

7. Cheese.

8. Cream The Rabbit.

9. Cubot.

10. Doctor Eggman.

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