Get Rid of Gas Pains: 10 Best Instant Gas Relief Remedies for Your Stomach.

How to Get Rid of Gas Pains: 10 Best Instant Gas Relief Remedies for Your Stomach


Gas Pain Reliefs 2018
Gas Relief Remedies for Your Stomach.

Counting my top 10 plagues in life, gas pains in the stomach had always been one of them. I almost always had gas pains in my stomach. Needless to say, my biggest problem over the years have been this one question you landed on this website searching for – How to get rid of gas from your stomach without embarrassing yourself.

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It’s a big question really and since I have gone through this and potentially solved the mystery of getting rid of gas from my stomach, I think I can be of help to you too and help you along this journey.

Now picture this – Imagine you are with that new catch (because spouses then to be more forgiving – mine is. Wink) and that cool evening breezes are blowing and you are outdoors, the date went all and all of a sudden, you feel those familiar rumblings in your stomach. Your stomach feels puffed up and you feel you will die if you do not release or relief that gas from your stomach. Sounds familiar?

Yeah. It happens to the best of us.

To deal with this pressing issue of relieving gas, we have to first understand the nagging questions of how do we get gas in the first place to begin with. I will do my best to explain this so you can start your journey towards avoiding this plague:


Primary Reasons Why People Get Gas in Their Stomach:


Air swallowing causes gas pain
Air swallowing causes gas pain


  1. Air swallowing:

You guessed it. This happened to me a lot. This is also known as “Aerophagia”.

Here, you swallow large amounts of air by things you do mostly by yourself (yea folks. Getting gas is not a natural occurrence) examples include – smoke, wear dentures that are loose or even chew gum, eat or drink too fast (take that gluttons), swallowing large amounts of air may be anxiety or taking in beverages that are carbonated (all ye coke lovers!).

You see, that’s the thing. Most of these are things the majority of Americans cannot do without. So it’s fairly easy to get gas into your stomach by swallowing air fills of gas.

Another instance likely to cause gas is sitting under a fan. Since fans are projected whirlwinds of air, it’s mostly a no brainer why this can be happening is it?


indigestion causes gas pain
Indigestion causes gas pain
  1. Indigestion:

You guessed right. Indigestion is a big ass (pun intended) cause of air in the stomach otherwise known as gas.  Say you love eating a lot or generally lots of junk food or carbs. This food proceeds to the large intestine where the usual digestion happens. Say this doesn’t happen as planned, we have big case of air in the stomach because the gases released in the stomach – methane, C02 and Hydrogen really needs a way to go out and things are not working out perfectly for it.

So there you have it – The Biggest causes of Gas in the Stomach.

Avoiding these things is no sure fire way to cure gas for ever but it is worth a try isn’t it? This is because gassing is a natural occurrence and necessary for the survival of our species (I kid you not).

So the next section will explain what to do when you feel the gas pains in your stomach.

It’s really simple.


8 Instant Gas Pains Relief Remedies for Your Stomach.


These 8 Steps are my go to bread and Butter and they never fail to work for me no matter the fix I am in and of course – science. They include:


  1. Use the toilet.

Use the toilet to relief gas pain and stomach bloating
Use the toilet to relief gas pain and stomach bloating


Seems like too simple an advice? Yes. That’s because it is. You need to really get down to that toilet and sit it out. My go to method is to read a newspaper or something until your bowel movements all follow down and you begin to either fart or remove all your bowels.

As much as possible, do not hold it in as it will only make matters worse. Holding it in will only worsen your abdominal pain, give you chills and may even make you nauseous. So if there is any public toilet nearby, go for it immediately.

You will discover that being able to release your stool will allow you to help in moving the lining of the muscles in your large intestine—with that, you will allow the gas to finally find its way out of your body.

If you end up excreting, this will clear the way for all the gases stored in your intestines to have a free flow outside. So next time you have gas  pains and want to get rid of it, consider using the toilet.


  1. Exercise:

Doing some simple physical exercises might just be that magic cure to cure that problematic gas pains you have been having. It’s really that simple. Ever wondered why when doing sit-ups you tend to release lots of air? Non strenuous excesses like simple sit-ups, yoga etc. has been known to be a big reliever. E.g. Sit-ups puts pressures on your abdomen which forces out gas from your bowel.

Yoga in itself is also a great method to relieve gas pains from your bloating stomach. There is even a Yoga exercise known as the Gas Relief Pose which you can get trying immediately.

The Gas Relief Pose for relieving gas pains is amply demonstrated here:




  1. Drink Some Baking Powder:

Okay. This might seem crazy to you but stay with me for a sec. Why and how does baking powder relieve gas pains or bloating stomach?

Baking powder is a very common household ingredient found in almost all kitchens. Baking soda is a chemical compound that is known to react with many things including stomach acid.

With its wonderful properties, baking soda has dominated the field of treating abdominal gas and digestion problems.

The simple reason baking powder is recommended is really simple. Why? When it comes to abdominal gas, the main reason as to why baking soda will relieve the abdomen from pain and discomfort is the reaction with the hydrochloric acid in our stomach which produces more gas—carbon dioxide. This increase in gas, as mentioned previously, will then initiate belching which is one way of expelling trapped gases from our stomach.


How do I use Baking powder to Get Rid of Gas Pains?

Baking soda acts as an antacid that neutralizes the stomach acids. When baking soda mixes and reacts with the acid in your stomach, it will produce another type of gas that will encourage belching. Moreover, when baking soda is mixed with water, it is believed to release antacid-like properties that helps calm the stomach and other digestive problems

Here Are Some Home-Made Drinks Made With Baking Soda That Relieves Gas Pains:

  1. Baking soda with water
  2. Baking soda with lemon
  3. Baking soda with vinegar and water
  4. Baking soda with lemon, salt and water
  5. Baking soda with lemon and peppermint


  1. Walk:

Ok. I don’t mean take a walk from this page. I mean physical walking.

This ties in with the exercise we already mentioned above but it deserves a mention of its own. Walking may be the easiest physical activity to do as anyone can do it and on a walk, their bowel movements have also become regular.


  1. Take a Pop Fart:

I mean just try to fart it out.

fart to relief gas pain and stomach bloating
Fart to relief gas pain and stomach bloating

It’s a socially accepted norm that farting in public or before people generally is unacceptable and a thing to be shameful about but guess what?

Everyone does it. Everyone farts.

However, when a bout to fat, the body usually takes a hint on this and you go to a quiet or respectable environment to fart. Hopefully if it’s so urgent and you can’t move away, it might sometimes be odorless.

It also happens that sometimes when you have moved away to fart in peace, your body refuses to pass gas anymore. What do you do? This might have more to do with your state of mind than anything else. The best thing I would recommend you do is to stay put where you are for some minutes. The reason is that your body needs time to adjust to its current environment and when it does, the gasses will start flowing out of you. So stay put.

In some situations, your body may trick you into thinking that gases are the only ones wanting to pass but suddenly, stools and feces are trying to make their way out as well. Again, this is why it is important to go to the toilet, whether private or public, when there is a rumbling in the stomach and you feel that gases are about to escape.

Thus, it is always best to be careful in passing gases especially when you are out in public as you do not want to end up with your jeans soaked in poop. That will be some Lols.

  1. Take Some Charcoal Which Had Seen Some Fire a.k.a Activated Charcoal:
Use Activated charcoal to relief gas pain and stomach bloating
Use Activated charcoal to relief gas pain and stomach bloating

This is very simple actually.

To make activated charcoal, common charcoal undergoes heating in the presence of a gas which then causes the charcoal to produce pores or internal spaces that will trap chemicals or just simply burn it a bit.

It can also be gotten from your fireplace or most other Kitchen spaces used by eating outlets.

How do I use Activated Charcoal to Get Rid of Gas Pains?

Activated charcoal has been famously known for its ability to reduce intestinal gas through flatulence.

It has also been used to treat poison, cholesterol problems, hangovers, as well as bile problems.

True story: When I was little, rumor had it that I was poisoned and charcoal from the fireplace was given to me which stabilized me till we arrived the hospital. So it seems I owe my life right now to activated charcoal.


The use of activated charcoal to get rid of gas pains has a good reason behind it.

When activated charcoal is orally taken, it travels through the body’s gastrointestinal tract where it is able to absorb impurities and toxins. These toxins include accumulated intestinal gas and hydrogen sulphide—which is the source of foul odor belching.

I recently had a run in with this kind of charcoal. Usually, I have these stomach issues (hence why I am so passionate about this blog) and it got so bad and painful all drugs I ingested where being thrown up.

My roommate put a call across to my mother immediately as he was at wits end. She recommended Charcoal which wasn’t hard to get as our neighbor prefers the use of charcoal in cooking. It saved me that night all because of a weird dream my mum had the night before of her dead friend giving her a gift of Charcoals. Weird I know but my mum is a firm believer in the spiritual.


  1. Take some Yogurt:

Use Yogurt to relief gas pain and stomach bloating
Use Yogurt to relief gas pain and stomach bloating

You might say Lol on seeing this as right now, you do not even want to deal with any sweet this at all but listen to this first.

Yogurt is a type of food produced from fermented bacteria of milk. These “good” or “helpful” bacteria are referred to as probiotics. The good bacteria or probiotics in yogurt aid in promoting balance in the gut bacteria.

How Do I Use Yogurt to Get Rid Of Gas Pains?

Taking in Yogurts will help in relieving these abdominal problems by forming colonies that will temporarily stay in your gut as it helps your good bacteria in your gut to build their army once more.

With the formation of the new good bacteria army (Avengers reloaded) , there is now a balance between both kinds of bacteria and so, there is a reduction of gas produced from when food was not digested in the small intestine.

Wouldn’t Yogurt cause more bloated stomach since it contains gas?

A possible concern, however, for those who take in probiotics whether through yogurt food or drinks is that they get gas—however, it is important to note that this only happens if the dosage of the probiotics you are taking are in inappropriately large amounts.

Furthermore, these symptoms of getting more gas while on probiotics should go away in a breeze as your gut bacterium rebuilds itself.

If the right dose is taken, this should not be a problem any longer but if the problem continues, I recommend you stop taking Yogurt as it is not the best match for your gut.


  1. Drink Some Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar has gotten really popular in recent times for its ability to help lots of health challenges go away and Bloating stomach or gas pains is the least of the problems ACV can solve.


Use Apple cider vinegar to relief gas pain and stomach bloating
Use Apple cider vinegar to relief gas pain and stomach bloating

Components of ACD That Is Helpful For Relief from Gas Pains:

Apple cider vinegar contains a whole of nutrients that help in improving health. Nutrients such as potassium, acetic acid and pectin are some of these.

The most effective apple cider vinegar is that which is in its organic form

How do I use Apple Cider Vinegar to Get Relief from Gas Pains?

What you need:

  1. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
  2. A glass Cup
  3. Some water (half glass full)
  4. Honey (if you can’t handle the taste).
  5. Mix 2 cover fills of ACV (measured with the ACV bottle cap) with the water and a tablespoon of honey and stir till mixed. Then Drink.

In a few minutes, this should begin to give you some good relief from the gas pains.

Always have in mind that ACV works best if the gas pains are caused by indigestion. If it’s not indigestion, it may not work really well for you.


  1. Some Pumpkin Seeds Might Do The Magic:

Pumpkin seed is a really useful tool for getting reliefs from gas pain.

Use pumpkin seeds to relief gas pain and stomach bloating
Use pumpkin seeds to relief gas pain and stomach bloating

If you are dealing with extreme gas pains and want a quick fix, taking some pumpkin seeds might be good enough for you.

Why Pumpkin?

Pumpkin is a type of fruit that is quite useful in gassy situations as it lessens the amount of gases produced. Luckily, pumpkin is very commonly used in everyday meals.

How to Use Pumpkin to get relief from Gas Pains?

  1. Steam the pumpkin seeds,
  2. Sear it or heat it,
  3. Add it to your meal

To maximize its effects, pumpkin may also be added with other spices that are also beneficial when it comes to relieving gas pains. And if you want to make a pumpkin formula, you can do that too.

Although not all people are fond of eating pumpkin, it is one of the best ways to prevent and relieve the body from gas pains.


  1. When all fails, Use a Heating PAD:

Use HEATING PAD to relief gas pain and stomach bloating
Use HEATING PAD to relief gas pain and stomach bloating

In some extreme situations, gas pains become so excruciating and debilitating that it will keep us from being able to walk or stand as well as disable us to carry on the usual daily activities, for an extended period of time.

In the rare event all these methods above have not given you a good relief and you still feel the pain in your abdomen, it might be time to use a heating pad if you have one.

Some folks prefer lying in bed after taking some medications but this way is a sure fire way and better than just lying around as you might accumulate more air in your gut.

Using a heating pad for relief from gas pain might be one of your best decisions yet.

This is because a heating pad will give you an instant relief from the excruciating pain—which is really what we all want, something that is instant. The heat will be good at soothing and calming the stomach muscles and in turn, there will be reduction of gas pain.

How to Use a Heating Pad to Get Relief from Gas Pains:

You can simply place a heating pad over the area that is hurting and you will quickly feel the relief—it is advised to continue doing this method until the pain completely disappears.

However, keep in mind that heating pads do not make the pain fully go away—it just keeps the pain at bay and bearable till you get to the hospital.

The causes of gas pain and other gas problems are internal and until these causes are treated, the pain will keep coming back.


  1. When all methods fail you, Please visit the Hospital.


The problem might be more than a Simple Gas Pain. It might be symptoms of something greater.

All, the same, I wish you all the best.

You made it this far.

Hope your problem is solved soon.

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