5 [Very] Easy Ways to Get Rid Gas Pains Using Simple Home Natural Remedies.

Easy Ways to Get Rid of Gas Pains Using Simple Home Natural Remedies.



Sometimes, all we need to feel relief from gas pains or bloated stomach is staring us right there in the face all the time. Since they are mostly natural and not backed by conventional Science, we tend to overlook them but they work wonders in our body.

They are easy to source and do no harm to your body, providing quick relief in the process to get rid of that gas pains in your stomach.

In no particular order they are as follows:


  1. Use the Toilet:

Do you get rid of gas pains - Use the toilet
Do you get rid of gas pains – Use the toilet

If you get the feeling of wanting to visit the toilet—please do not hesitate and grab the opportunity as this may be one major breakthrough in the aspect of relieving gas pains.

As much as possible, do not hold it in as it will only make matters worse. Holding it in will only worsen your abdominal pain, give you chills and may even make you nauseous. So if there is any public toilet nearby, go for it immediately.

Being able to release your stool will allow you to help in moving the lining of the muscles in your large intestine—with that, you will allow the gas to finally find its way out of your body.

Moreover, having a bowel movement will also empty the rectum, as we all know.

The excretion of any stored feces will finally free the passageway and will now allow the trapped intestinal gas to locate the exit way of your system. While you excrete your waste, this may also be a chance for you to pass gas that has been trapped for some time.

This method may be one of the fastest method out there as it naturally and literally frees the passageway which gases often use to finally make its way out.

However, excessive gas pains may not only take one visit to the toilet—it may take a couple before everything is finally excreted. After a successful bowel movement, do not automatically leave the toilet as there might be unexpected bursts of stool.

It is important to make sure that you listen to your body and your stomach before leaving the toilet because you might find yourself rushing back to it again and again.

Oftentimes, people delay their bowel movement as they are not comfortable in doing it in the public toiler or wherever that is not their home—however, if your case is serious gas pain, always make it a priority to move your bowels if it is possible.


  1. Try to Flatulate i.e. Do your best to Pass Gas:

Do you get rid of gas pains - Just fart
Do you get rid of gas pains – Just fart

Like bowel movement, gases should never be held in and passing gasses should never be delayed. It has to be done as soon as you feel the need for it as this may be the only way to save your body from more build-up of gases within your stomach or intestines.


  1. Do some Physical Exercises and Get Your Blood flowing:

walking can help you get rid of gas pains
Walking as a physical activity can help you get rid of gas pains

What many people do not know is that exercise or doing physical activities actually aid in making our digestive systems function effectively as well. People who regularly exercise often report that after constantly going to the gym, their bowel movements have also become regular.

In the case of experiencing gas pains, it is, therefore, important that gentle exercises be implemented in order to ease the pain.

Simple Exercises to Relieve Gas Pain and Get Rid of Gas might include:

a. Walking: walking around May already be enough.

Walking will help in relaxing your abdominal muscles and along the way; trapped gases will be able to escape. Walking may be the easiest physical activity to do as anyone can do it anywhere but it may also not be enough to guide the gases out of your system.

b. Sit-Ups As A Cure For Gas Pain And Getting Rid Of Gas:

Sit ups are a wonderful exercise to get rid of gas. Simple sit-ups which are not too strenuous contact the abdominal muscles and force out Air from the intestines and out of the rectum. In fact, I consider this my best physical exercise advise and you should try is right now.

 c. Yoga:

Yoga  can help you get rid of gas pains
Yoga can help beat bloat

Another option, therefore, is yoga.

There are several yoga poses that have been acknowledged when it comes to their ability to ease the passageway of intestinal gas. Yoga has been known to help in calming abdominal pressure as well as letting trapped gases go.

  1. Intake of Activated Charcoal.

Apple Cider Vinegar can help you get rid of gas pains
Activated charcoal can help you get rid of gas pains

This might seem strange to you so read on –

Also known as activated carbon, activated charcoal is made from the same elements such as that of common charcoal—peat, coconut shell, petroleum and coal wood—however, activated charcoal is specifically made for it to be used as medicine. To make activated charcoal, common charcoal undergoes heating in the presence of a gas which then causes the charcoal to produce pores or internal spaces that will trap chemicals.

Activated charcoal has been famously known for its ability to reduce intestinal gas through flatulence. Besides this, it has also been used to treat poison, cholesterol problems, hangovers, as well as bile problems.

The use of activated charcoal has a good reason behind it. When activated charcoal is orally taken, it travels through the body’s gastrointestinal tract where it is able to absorb impurities and toxins. These toxins include accumulated intestinal gas and hydrogen sulphide—which is the source of foul odor belching.

Activated charcoal is advised to be used intermittently rather than as a supplement that is taken daily. If the gas pains often happen during the evenings, it is best to take the activated charcoal in the morning and if the excessive gas problems come during the morning, better to take the activated carbon the night before.


  1. Good ol’ Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple Cider Vinegar can help you get rid of gas pains
Apple Cider Vinegar can help you get rid of gas pains

Since I first discovered Apple Cider Vinegar through my mum, my life has never remained the same again. Literally!. Apple Cider Vinegar is a cure for many Little ills we experience from time to time and Apple Cider Vinegar is really great for treating Gas pain and releasing gas.

If the gas pains you are experiencing are due to indigestion, a cup of water mixed with a tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar will do the work. This is because the vinegar will help in the digestion. Apple cider vinegar will also help in preventing constipation which is almost always the cause of gas pains and problems.

Furthermore, this remedy will also help in reducing the feeling of bloating which contributes to gas pain and discomfort.

When taking apple cider vinegar, you may mix the organic apple cider vinegar with just water if you can handle its taste. However, for those who are not so fond of the taste or smell of vinegar, you may add honey into the mixture just to make it bearable.

Keep in mind that apple cider vinegar offers a quick relief from gas pains that are caused by indigestion—if is not due to indigestion, it may not work as much or at all.

Further reading: A Complete Guide to Uses of Apple cider vinegar (lots of special goodies in here for my readers only).

It’s my hope that these simple remedies will be of great help to you in helping you achieve that less painful abdomen you desire.


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